SUSTech ready for the Class of 2024
Chris Edwards | 08/25/2020

On August 25, SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN led a delegation of leaders and officials throughout campus to ensure that all areas were ready for the new semester and following COVID-19 safety protocols. The Class of 2024 will arrive on campus for registration on August 27.

The new student registration center, student dormitories, classrooms were cleaned and prepared for the students to come. The new cafeteria would fulfill COVID-19 safety policies.

To welcome the freshman and their families on campus, SUSTech has launched special shuttle buses for this year’s move-in day.

With all the efforts, SUSTech community members expect the new members to join soon. SUSTech will continue to create a robust and comfortable learning and living environment for the entire SUSTech community.

2020, 08-25
By Chris Edwards

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