MEE discusses emerging engineering developments
Chris Edwards | 09/01/2020

Between August 25 and 26, the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) held a seminar on developments in emerging engineering as they relate to talent training and the development of the mechanics discipline. SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN, Vice President Dongxiao ZHANG, College of Engineering Dean Zhenghe XU, and all members of the MEE faculty attended the seminar.

MEE head Yiming RONG provided a briefing about the development of the department from a variety of different aspects. He touched on their discipline planning, curriculum development, talent training, scientific research platforms, and the opportunities for the future.

President Shiyi CHEN congratulated MEE on their developmental achievements since their establishment. He hoped that MEE would continue to progress rapidly in integrating their resources to solve real-world problems that support societal progress.

The seminar held a session specifically on postgraduate education. Professor Chenglong FU and Qihuo WEI provided their thoughts on the opportunities of developing postgraduate research within MEE. MEE Deputy Head Zaiyue YANG spoke at length about the development of undergraduate and postgraduate education within MEE. All faculty members talked about how to improve the curriculums for both undergraduate & postgraduate students while enhancing student resources.

Professional development sessions also took place around team building, talent training, laboratory use, opportunities and challenges.

2020, 09-01
By Chris Edwards

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