College of Engineering holds Strategic Planning Seminar
Chris Edwards | 09/09/2020

On September 3 and 4, the College of Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its 2020 Strategic Planning Seminar (the Seminar). SUSTech Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHANG, Vice-Provost (Global Strategies) Chunmiao ZHENG, College of Engineering Dean Zhenghe XU, Associate Dean Hong WANG, Bi ZHANG, and heads of 10 departments/Schools all attended the meeting.

The Seminar focused on personnel training, scientific research, talent building, discipline development, and international outlook. Heads of each department spoke about their progress in each area and their plans for the next five years. Dean Zhenghe XU held a roundtable meeting to discuss the common issues.

Dean Zhenghe XU gave his report about the College of Engineering. He covered a wide range of topics, including talent development, faculty training, scientific research, discipline development, and other areas of cooperation. He talked about the direction for the College of Engineering for the future.

Dean XU pointed out that the mission of the College is to build a world-class College of Engineering. That requires first-class faculty, education, scientific research, and cooperation. The College of Engineering will expand industry-university research cooperation to establish collaborative educational platforms while participating in international exchanges to enhance international reputation and influence. The College will focus on the major strategic development needs for the nation and region.

SUSTech Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHANG closed the Seminar. He hoped that all the departments would continue to cultivate young middle-career talents, to improve undergraduate training and optimize graduate enrollment. The College of Engineering will continue to promote interdisciplinary research that operates at the cutting-edge of scientific progress while supporting national & regional development.

As part of the Seminar, SUSTech Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHANG presented honorary certificates to four former department heads. They were Xiaowei SUN (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Xiaowen SHAN (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Xing CHENG (Materials Science and Engineering), and Chunmiao ZHENG (Environmental Science and Engineering). He thanked them for their service and contributions to the development of SUSTech and the College of Engineering.

2020, 09-09
By Chris Edwards

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