SUSTech unveils student housing service center
Adrian Cremin | 04/01/2021

On the morning of April 1, the unveiling ceremony of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) student housing service center was held on campus. Yurong GUO, University Council Chairperson, and Chun LU, Vice President of SUSTech, attended the ceremony.

Yurong GUO gave a speech at the unveiling. She said that the founding of the student housing service center has enhanced the student-centered development of SUSTech. It joins the already established Student Affairs Center, Administrative Service Center, and Life Service Center.

She also noted that in the future, it will cooperate with academies and colleges to further cultivate students. It is hoped that the center will provide a first-class service to students and help in solving any housing issues that students may encounter during their time at SUSTech.

Chun LU stated that the student housing service center will provide a full range of services for students, including information on facilities and providing equipment. He added that the center will reduce everyday problems for students, making their environment less stressful, and as a result, able to devote more time to their academic studies and research.

Xinghua LI, Director of the Office of Administration and Space Management, spoke about the process of setting up the center. He noted that it was important for the University to provide a service in relation to student housing, which will help students who encounter issues with accommodation while studying at SUSTech.

The center will be responsible for the development of student housing services throughout the campus. This includes dealing with daily affairs in relation to the accommodation such as housing registrations, facility repairs, ensuring public health protection, and other duties.

After the ceremony, those in attendance also visited the Office of Students Affairs and the student dormitories. Siqi CHEN, Director of Office of Party Affairs and Administration, Pengfei WANG, Director of the Preparatory Office of Affiliated Hospitals, and Ling ZHANG, Director of the Office of Communication and Public Relations (CPR), also attended the event.