SUSTech participates in 2021 National Planetary Science Conference
Adrian Cremin | 06/26/2021

Recently, the 2021 National Planetary Science Conference was held in Suzhou. Xiaofei CHEN, Head of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), and more than 30 faculty members and students from SUSTech were invited to attend the event.

The conference focused on topics such as the frontiers of planetary science, the research and development of planetary exploration technology and equipment, the future planetary exploration program, and planetary science talent training.

Xiaofei CHEN said that deep space exploration is the frontier of world science and technology, and it is also an indicator of comprehensive national strength. He noted that deep space exploration and planetary science complement each other.

He added that scientific research and engineering technology of deep space exploration requires a large number of planetary science talents. Planetary science should further improve the construction of first-level disciplines and increase the training of talents in this field.

This conference is the first national planetary science conference held by the Planetary Physics Committee of the Chinese Geophysical Society (CGS). More than 1,000 experts, scholars, and representatives from related institutions were invited to attend the conference.

It showcases new achievements in planetary science research in the form of special invitation reports, advanced science reports, and exhibition board exchanges. It aims to explore how to build a first-class discipline of planetary science and promote the cultivation of planetary science talents in China.

2021, 06-26
By Adrian Cremin

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