SUSTech and People’s Government of Pingshan District cooperate in basic education
Adrian Cremin | 06/27/2022

On June 27, 2022, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and the People’s Government of Pingshan District of Shenzhen held a contract signing ceremony at the University, where they will cooperate on basic education.

Jun YANG, Secretary of the Pingshan District Party Committee, Heming LENG, Member of the Standing Committee of Pingshan District Party Committee, Zhiliu WU, Deputy Governor of Pingshan District, and Yao PENG, Director of the Pingshan Education Bureau, attended the signing ceremony.

Members from SUSTech attending the event included Fengliang LI, University Council Chairperson, Ling ZHANG, University Council Vice-Chairperson and Chairman of the Trade Union, and Provost Hongwei FANG.

The ceremony was presided over by Jiahong TANG, Principal of the SUSTech Experimental Education Group.

Chairperson Fengliang LI said that the basic education cooperation agreement with Pingshan District would strengthen the long-term and in-depth cooperation between the two sides and promote the high-quality development of education. He noted it would complement each other’s needs and was a win-win for both parties based on their respective development requirements.

In recent years, SUSTech has strove to improve and develop basic education in various districts in Shenzhen. He added that through this cooperation, the University would inject educational, scientific, and technological resources into the future growth of schools in Pingshan, and jointly contribute to Shenzhen’s development as a competitive, innovative, and influential international city.

Jun YANG spoke highly of SUSTech’s innovative achievements in recent years and its talent training model. He familiarized everyone with the development of Pingshan District in recent years and its future plans.

He noted that the cooperation agreement in basic education marks the official arrival of SUSTech’s high-quality educational resources in Pingshan, which will be of great significance to promote the high-quality development of basic education in the district.

He hopes to take advantage of the University’s resources and expertise through this collaboration, and accelerate the development of schools in the area. Both parties will work together to create a high-quality environment for students to excel in and reflect the innovative characteristics of Pingshan.

Hongwei FANG and Zhiliu WU signed the contract agreement as representatives of both parties. Before the signing ceremony, Jun YANG and his delegation also visited the SUSTech exhibition of development and achievements.

According to the cooperation agreement, a new school named the Pingshan School Affiliated to SUSTech will officially open in September 2022. It will be an international and modern demonstration school, with a comprehensive talent training model adapted from SUSTech that will focus on science and technology education.