SUSTech students get hands-on summer experience across the country
Adrian Cremin | 08/12/2022

This summer, many students from the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) have participated in various summer experiential learning, programs, and events.

Through their commitment to the community and society, they have traveled across the length and breadth of the country to take part in a range of different projects and activities.

A group from Shuren College brought online teaching activities to Tanshan Primary School in Qujing City, Yunnan Province, which is situated in a mountainous area in the southwest of China.

Some of the team members visited the homes of local residents to carry out research activities and receive feedback on the effect of the teaching support project.

The group used the Internet technology platform to carry out online public welfare counseling for “left-behind children” in China’s rural areas in the southwest region and assist them in their growth.

This teaching project started in 2020 and has won several school-level and provincial honors.

The STEAM+ Maker Education Practice Team of Shude College brought the STEAM Maker Education Course to the children of the Fuguang Community in Nanshan District.

The team members taught the children courses on the App Inventor series and educated them with the help of high-tech teaching kits.

Practical projects such as this provide a platform to connect college students and children, allowing local communities to utilize the educational resources of SUSTech.

Yulei TANG, an undergraduate student in the STEAM+ Maker Education Practice Team, hopes that the STEAM+ course will help cultivate children’s creative and innovative thinking and stimulate their love for science.

The Minghang Teaching Team went to Shufeng Village, Hengyang City, Hunan Province, where they provided handicraft, humanities, and physics experiment classes to children in the village.

Through these fun and educational classes, the students of SUSTech helped broaden these children’s minds, expand their abilities, and contribute to the development of urban and rural educational resources.

Jian ZHANG, an undergraduate student in the Minghang Teaching Team, said that he hoped he bought more useful knowledge to the children through the classes and planted the seeds of positive learning in their hearts.

Meanwhile, a group of students visited the Yuanjiashan Science Education Base in Jiangxi Province to carry out experiential learning in the fields. They took part in lectures about Yuan Longping, a Chinese scientist and the father of hybrid rice, and familiarized themselves with farming knowledge at the Base.

Wanran LIN, a doctoral student at SUSTech, said, “This activity offered me an opportunity to learn more about the famous scientist Longping YUAN, and realize the importance of linking theory with practice. As a student at SUSTech, I believe to do research is a way to keep my commitment for a better world”.

A team from Zhiren College explored various sites around Shenzhen to learn more about its development since its opening up and reform in the last 40 years. This included visits to Zhongying Street, Dongjiang Column Memorial Hall, Shayuyong Village, Shenzhen Talent Park, and the China Culture Celebrity Great Rescue Memorial Hall.

After the students completed their programs and activities, they reflected on their experiences and shared their rewarding summer exploration with their friends and classmates.