SUSTech holds 2022 Resilient City Development and Emergency Sci-Tech Seminar
Adrian Cremin | 08/24/2022

On August 21, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Institute of Risk Analysis, Prediction, and Management (Risks-X) of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted the 2022 Resilient City Development and Emergency Sci-Tech Seminar.

With the theme of “Sci-Tech Empowerment, Safe Development”, more than 80 experts and scholars attended the event and made suggestions for the development of resilient cities.

Resilient City is a new paradigm for the safe development of cities, with many across the country putting the development of resilient cities on their agenda.

The seventh congress of the CPC Shenzhen held in April 2021 also proposed to improve the level of urban safety and resilience and create an international benchmark for new smart cities.

The seminar was held both in-person and virtually, as experts from various universities and institutions, including the China Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue Center and the Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration (IGPCEA), discussed several topics in urban risk management and control, and to promote new innovative technologies in the field of disaster risk reduction, prevention, relief, and emergency management.

The Urban Security and Public Policy Research Center was also officially unveiled at the seminar. Established in 2021 at SUSTech, the research center is committed to applying advanced science and technology and social governance systems to urban development and serving the needs of society.

Scholars from SUSTech to speak at the seminar included Academician Xiaofei CHEN, Head of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Ke LIU, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Junguo LIU, Chair Professor of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Pinghui WANG, Secretary of the Joint Party Committee of the College of  Business and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

They shared their research and ideas on how to develop resilient cities from the perspectives of earthquake defense, clean energy, water resource management, and emergency communication equipment.

Experts in the fields of emergency management, disaster prevention and mitigation, civil engineering, emerging technologies, and other areas also discussed how to use technology to empower and better promote the safe development of resilient cities.

Among these experts were Jianchun WU, Researcher of the Shanghai Earthquake Administration, Hong CHEN, Deputy Director of the China Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue Center, Geng ZHENG, Executive Vice Chairperson of the International Academy of Red Cross & Red Crescent at Soochow University, Ying ZHOU, Dean of the College of Civil Engineering at Tongji University, Xin CHENG, Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at SUSTech, and Jinshan YANG, Deputy Head of the Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau

The Resilient City Development and Emergency Sci-Tech Seminar has built a platform for academics, industry, and government agencies to collaborate, share ideas, and contribute to the sustainable development of Shenzhen by exploring innovative ideas and directions for its development as a resilient city.