SUSTech students’ association open day kicks off
Adrian Cremin | 10/25/2022

Besides their academic studies, one of the key aspects to the growth of students and their talents in any top university is their participation in various activities and roles outside of the classroom.

This is no different at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), which encourages all its students to participate in extracurricular activities as it’s important for their development and well-being.

The University recently held its annual Students’ Association Open Day where the various student-run associations, clubs, and societies held an assortment of events to welcome newcomers and like-minded people to meet and share in their respective passions.

The occasion attracted many students to take part in the recreation activities organized by the various student associations and clubs. They set up booths one after another, providing a platform for faculty members and students to sample and learn more about their clubs at their stalls. 

For those in attendance, they were treated to some creative and innovative technologies on display. They were able to fly drones, participate in games that included robots, and do some popular science activities.

At the booth for the Association of Science Fiction, Haoyang QIN answered many questions related to science fiction works. “I love science fiction, and it helps to exercise my imagination and scientific innovation ability,” he added.

Several clubs and associations were also on display for students to explore their artistic and cultural talents. This included booths on calligraphy, painting, music, drama, reading, writing, poetry, etc.

Some members dressed in Hanfu, which is a historical type of Han Chinese clothing, while others played the Guqin, a seven-stringed Chinese musical instrument.

Zitong FENG, one of the new students to explore these associations, said, “I never participated in such interesting and exciting activities when I was in high school, so I am very enthusiastic about exploring many of the booths on display here today. I look forward to having more interesting experiences at SUSTech in the future”.

The dance and singing clubs also stole the show with their spirited performances, catching the attention of many onlookers keen to sample more.

Youhao LU, a member of the NOVA Hip-Hop Club, thanked all the guests for attending their booth. He added, “I hope we can recruit some new members to the club, so that they can learn more about hip-hop culture”.

Not to be overshadowed, the various sporting clubs and associations also put on a solid showing throughout the day.

Faculty members and students were challenged to their limits as they participated in a variety of sporting events, such as baseball, skateboarding, mixed martial arts, table tennis, cycling, frisbee, etc.

Other clubs on the day offered free samples of various kinds of teas, coffees, and desserts, providing a more relaxing vibe for visitors to mingle with others and make some new friends.

Ziyan ZHANG and Jialei QIU, members of the Coffee Club, provided a collection of free coffee drinks for students, including hand-brewed, dirty, and American bubble blend coffees. “I hope everyone can sit down, join us for a cup of coffee, and chat,” they said.

SUSTech currently has more than 100 various clubs and associations available for students to get involved in, providing a platform for them to display and express their unique skills and abilities.