SUSTech welcomes first locally produced sci-fi drama
Zirui LI | 03/10/2023

Yunshen, a two-act science fiction play, will be performed in the Music Hall at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) Convention Center between March 11 and 12.

As a Shenzhen-original drama, the key creative team comprised of a local scriptwriter, director, and performers.

The play was produced with the help of two faculty members from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at SUSTech. Yuehong CHEN and Yan WU, both from SUSTech, and Di YIN from Shenzhen University, made up the screenwriting team.

The tale takes place in the year 2050. The fourth generation of metaverse technology has been completely developed by that time. With the advancement of digital twinning technology, humans can perform routine tasks using an using an avatar in the virtual world.

The authors present four unrelated, different-status individuals. The four characters, who have been detained by an unknown control organization, are awaiting a psychological adjustment. Their therapy will ultimately lead to a moral decision-making process and final judgment encompassing all humans.

The play’s creation brings to light the humanists’ concern over technology and their vigilance regarding impending crises, with an emphasis on philosophical reasoning.

Previously, the drama was shown at Shenzhen University for its debut during the 2nd Shenzhen Science Fiction Week on November 16, 2022, which received much attention from the general public.

2023, 03-10
By Zirui LI

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