The Center visited Shenzhen AEE Technology Co. Ltd.
| 05/03/2017
On 27th April 2017, professor Ming Li, director of Center for Higher Education Research, SUSTech visited Shenzhen AEE Technology Co. Ltd. leading his undergraduate students, Zheng Xue, head of Department of Student Affairs participated in this activity.
Professor Ming Li organized this activity as a supervisor of Zhixin College, he introduced AEE as an example of growth and development of high-tech innovative companies in Shenzhen to the students, and hoped that they can experience carefully original intention and methods of Innovation and Entrepreneurship education conduction in SUSTech during practical exploratory process. Ms. Ye Zhang, Chairman of AEE, introduced her feelings and experiences during entrepreneurship, and mentioned scientific research cooperation with SUSTech, participation in recruitment of undergraduates of SUSTech and wish to establish scholarships, etc. Yan Qin, general manager assistant of AEE, introduced the company in detail, led visitors from SUSTech to visit exhibition hall and demonstrated operation of a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle.
AEE is a global-leading unmanned aerial vehicle supplier, founded in 1999, with 1500 employees and nearly 500 research & development technical staff, and is an electronic science and technology company combining professional research & development, production and sales. Major products of AEE are unmanned aerial vehicle for civil use, unmanned aerial vehicle for military and police, action camera, body worn camera, etc.