SUSTech launches Intelligent Transportation Research Center
Chris Edwards | 05/04/2018

Transportation is an important infrastructure for our society. It is time to propose a new transportation solution for the increasing transportation problems. In responding to social needs, on Thursday, May 3, SUSTech Intelligent Transportation Research Center was established, with a funding of RMB 15 million and heralding technical supports from Computer Science and Engineering Department and interdisciplinary research power across the University.

A signing and donation ceremony for the Center was hosted by the Shenzhen Bus Group, Shenzhen Hai Liang Technology Co., Ltd and SUSTech. Senior government officials from the Shenzhen Development and Reform Committee and the leaders from the hosted units witnessed the signing.

According to the agreement, Shenzhen Hai Liang Technology Co. will donate RMB15 million to the SUSTEF, SUSTech’s education foundation, and assist in jointly establishing the smart transportation research center with SUSTech.

The Department of Computer Science at SUSTech will lead by the research center, in conjunction with other departments to form an interdisciplinary research force. The research center will undertake both theoretical and applied research, with a focus on three specific research directions.

The first focus is on smart positioning and collaborative perception; the second is on smart decision-making and planning; and the final direction will examine smart communication and energy management, focusing on key technical problems in the field of smart driving.

By promoting the mutual integration of smart driving through academic research and the applications for urban public transport technology, Shenzhen can achieve a variety of academic breakthroughs, to improve traffic and transit models that can be applied across China.

By working with the bus industry, SUSTech aims to drive further academic achievements to transform the smart transport market, creating a new model of “production, study, and research.”

At the signing ceremony, President Chen Shiyi spoke at length about the importance of the fourth industrial revolution, and how it relates to smart driving. As an innovative university in Shenzhen, SUSTech has always had the construction of an international, modern and innovative city at its heart, with the aim of promoting the application of science and technology, in supporting the sustainable development of China, Guangdong, Province and the city of Shenzhen. The cooperation between SUSTech, Shenzhen Bus Group, and Hai Liang Technology Co. will witness the strategic vision of the two enterprises.

SUSTech is aiming to solve the central traffic issues by using top international scientific research teams of the SUSTech Computer Science Department, so Shenzhen becomes the leader for smart driving in China and indeed, the world.

At the same time, President Chen Shiyi pointed out that all circles of society pay attention to the development of education, and SUSTech is determined to cooperate fully with major enterprises and contribute fully to Shenzhen, Guangdong province, and China.

Chairman Yu Gang from the Shenzhen Bus Group also spoke at the ceremony. He stated that Shenzhen Bus Group, as the world’s largest new energy bus group, is the only full-license public transport group in China, thanks to the Group’s great emphasis on innovation.

In December 2017, the bus group initiated the world premiere of the Alfaba smart driving bus system initiated by Hailiang Science and Technology, which has attracted worldwide attention. He hoped that all parties would take this unique opportunity to build a new cooperation model of “production, study, and research” and create a model of cooperation for schools, enterprises, and collaborative innovation.

He felt that such an approach would help build a modern international company for Shenzhen as it provides Shenzhen with an opportunity for the construction of further modernization and further innovation with global influence.

Chairman Hu Jianping from Hai Liang Technology Co. Ltd., congratulated on all parties on the establishment of the Smart Transportation Center at the ceremony. He mentioned that since its establishment, Hai Liang Technology Co. Ltd. had devoted a significant amount of time and effort into solving questions about urban traffic.

The Alphabus smart driving bus, developed by Hai Liang, started the world’s first trial on 17 December and pioneered the smart driving of public transport in China. He believes that the establishment of the center is the beginning of the three-party cooperation and co-operative development. The construction of the center is a leading and world-famous research institution in the field of smart transportation. It provides a powerful source of innovation for Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area around the Pearl River Delta that will ideally provide a source of innovation for the entire country.

2018, 05-04
By Chris Edwards

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