SUSTech Medical School Preparatory Office Holds Red Ribbon Campus Event
Chris Edwards | 09/20/2018

September 15th saw the Preparatory Office of the School of Medicine of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), in conjunction with Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital, hold an AIDS prevention activity at SUSTech.

The “Red Ribbon” campaign is part of this years’ National Science Day Activities, organized by the China Association for Science and Technology. It aims to strengthen the awareness of AIDS prevention and control among young students. It also seeks to provide both scientific and practical knowledge about AIDS among college students.

Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital Infection Department gave a lecture about “Keep Young Blood Healthy.” Head Nurse Xu Liumei of the Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital Infection Department spoke about awareness of AIDS and how to keep safe. The lecture explained how students could protect themselves and how to get along with AIDS patients safely.

In the interactive question and answer session, Director He Yunhe of the Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital Nursing Department answered questions about the prevention of AIDS and other related issues. The students also filled out questionnaires and took part in other activities. The staff of the Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital also specially prepared e-books and small gifts with red ribbons to give to the students.

2018, 09-20
By Chris Edwards

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