Second Cross-Straits Student Baseball League held at SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 12/02/2018

The second Cross-Straits Student Baseball League started on December 2 in Shenzhen. Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was one of the host venues for the annual cross-Straits baseball tournament. The opening ceremony saw the attendance of SUSTech Vice President Lu Chun in Zhongshan Park Stadium, Nanshan District.

SUSTech sent a team to compete in the game and our undergraduate student Yin Xiaolei, from the Class of 2016, took the athletes’ oath on behalf of SUSTech at the ceremony.

As one of the venues for the tournament, SUSTech’s baseball field hosted its first game at noon. Lu Chun and the deputy head of the Nanshan District, Lian Cong, threw the first pitch to officially begin the first game of Group B.

This competition features two groups (Group A and B). SUSTech will host a total of 17 games of Group B. Eight teams from Chinese mainland and Taiwan will compete in the four-day competition. The SUSTech baseball team has been drawn in Group B.

The Cross-Straits Student Baseball League aims to use baseball as a medium for students to build a new platform for cross-straits campus sports.

The baseball tournament encourages students on both sides of the Strait to increase their understanding of each other through their mutual enjoyment of baseball.

Since first undertaking the event last year, SUSTech has attached great importance to this event, and carefully prepared for the tournament by thoughtfully enhancing its baseball field and providing additional event support.

Later that day, the 2018 Cross-Straits Youth Sports Forum was held at SUSTech.

Experts and scholars from universities, education and sports on both sides were invited to discuss on “Sports in the new era.” Presenters used the opportunity to share their academic research results of the Cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation in the field of sports research.

SUSTech Vice President Lu Chun spoke at the forum about how sports events have become an important bridge for cross-straits people to communicate. The forum provides a good platform for the cross-straits sports industry to showcase their research results and explore future development for cross-straits sports.

Throughout the competition, SUSTech will also hold activities such as cross-straits student exchanges.

2018, 12-02
By Chris Edwards

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