SUSTech hosts 6th Internet plus innovation and entrepreneurship competition
Chris Edwards | 05/21/2020

On May 20, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted its 6th China College Students’ Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Competition). Following a day of friendly competitiveness, the “Zhibo Ultrasonics Technology Co., Ltd.” project won first prize, ahead of over one hundred teams. Each team of finalists had a total of 20 minutes to present their project. They had 12 minutes for presentations and eight minutes for questions from the panels of judges.

Since its launch in April, nearly one thousand students joined teams to participate, before nineteen teams were chosen for the final. The Competition was supported by the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Career Center, and the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC Shenzhen Branch).

The Competition seeks to respond to the national need for innovation-driven development strategies. It will promote university-industry research programs that drive the continuous progress of higher education reform across the Greater Bay Area

SUSTech Chief Financial Officer Qin YE, Communications and Public Relations Director Ling ZHANG, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dean Ke LIU and Deputy Dean Liyang SHAO attended the finals along with ABC Shenzhen Branch Vice President Wu LIU. They were joined by academic and commercial experts to form a jury.

Communications and Public Relations Director Ling ZHANG congratulated all the finalists. He said that the Competition has maintained the three philosophical pillars of “Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship,” despite the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). He trusted that the jury will provide excellent guidance through the Competition.

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Deputy Dean Liyang SHAO briefed the audience about the Competition and the progress of the School. The School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will continue to promote commercial innovation, entrepreneurship, business incubation, and the development of an integrated innovation ecological system. It will serve the on-going transformation of Shenzhen into an international hub for industrial and technological innovation.

There were many different projects from the student groups. They covered areas such as the oil and gas industry, organic chemistry, 5G base stations, smart health care, global positioning, logistics, and traditional Chinese culture.


School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dean Liu KE said that th Competition provided an excellent foundation for students to work on their entrepreneurial skills. The School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship would also promote the three philosophical pillars of “Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship” to cultivate entrepreneurial talents.

2020, 05-21
By Chris Edwards

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