Soochow University sends delegation to SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 07/18/2020

On July 17, Southern University of Science and Technology welcomed a delegation from Soochow University. Soochow President Sidong XIONG, Vice President Yixin YANG, and Vice President Xiaohong ZHANG were all key members of the delegation. SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN and Vice President Dongxiao ZHANG met with the guests.

Both parties discussed methods of optimizing discipline distribution, improving talent pipelines, innovations in team-building, promoting internationalization, and improving the modern university system.

SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN welcomed his counterpart from Soochow University and the rest of his delegation. He congratulated Soochow University on their rapid development in recent years, before providing a briefing into SUSTech’s educational philosophy and outcomes. As SUSTech is striving to become a world-class research university, rooted in China, it is gathering first-rate educators and cultivating innovative talents.

Soochow University President Sidong XIANG spoke about the history of Soochow University. He spoke highly about the development of SUSTech in recent years, as SUSTech represents the future of university development. He hoped that both universities would have more robust exchanges and provide cooperation.

SUSTech Vice President Dongxiao ZHANG went into more detail about SUSTech’s faculty, discipline development, talent pipeline, scientific research, international cooperation, and future plans.

2020, 07-18
By Chris Edwards

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